Rhino is used in nearly every field that uses computers for surface modeling including architects and designers of products, ships, shoes, jewelry, games, movies and more.

Rhino is the most popular Windows based 3D NURBS surface modeling package in the world. It is especially useful for conceptual product design. It has excellent export and import capabilities which makes it a useful companion for any 3D design operation. There are many great features about Rhino but here are a few key features:

  • Fast and easy modeling and editing
  • Gumball widget for interactive editing of objects and sub-objects including moving, rotating and scaling
  • Fast processing speeds with 64-bit and enhanced graphics coprocessor support for fast designing, even with large projects
  • Life-like rendering and animation features for real-world looks at your designs.


Rhino is bigger, better, and faster than ever with Rhino 6! If you work with 3D designs, you will want to work with Rhino. Here are a few reasons why Rhino can work for you:

  • Compatibility¬†with third party applications and other CAD software.
  • Many import/export file formats to allow you easy of accessibility
  • Works with large or small projects, whatever your needs

And as always, no extra charge for Archway support!  

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