ProjectWise: A Sound Investment

Any organization doing design work with more than 5 people on a project, or definitely any organization with 2 or more locations involved in a project will find that ProjectWise is a sound investment.  For example, a company with 15 people on a design project, where the average direct, all-in cost per employee is $36 per hour will save a minimum of $120,000 per year by employing ProjectWise.  Those savings come from conservative estimates of time saved for: searching for project files; determining which files are current; creating copies and transferring by FTP, email etc; waiting for large file downloads;updating and fixing incorrect versions of files; correcting reference file relationships, correcting non-standards, and more.   Not to mention the additional benefits of: less project risk, ability to acquire more projects, etc.

Typical implementation costs around $40 to $60,000 providing less than a one year payout.  Archway will be demonstrating ProjectWise at webinars on April 15 and 16.  Let us know if you don’t get an invitaton.

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