Archway Systems is a Certified Bentley Training Center and regularly holds classes at our Huntington Beach, CA and Franklin, TN offices. We offer classes in MicroStation, InRoad/OpenRoads, ProjectWise, ContextCapture, AECOsim Building Designer, Descartes, and more. We can also do onsite and custom training as well. To learn more about our training, check out our training website at LearnMicroStation.com


Bentley Bash

Each year we host multiple training events called the Bentley Bash. In January, we are at Rio Hondo College in Whittier, CA and in the Summer we are at Santa Ana College in Santa Ana, CA. Occasionally we run these events elsewhere, but those are our two main events each year. The Bentley Bash is a free training and networking event that hosts hands-on workshops featuring the latest in Bentley software. It gives you a chance to get your hands on the software and see for yourself why Bentley products are the best choice for your projects. For more information regarding our Bentley Bashes, including registration information, please visit LearnMicroStation.com/Bentley-Bash

In Person Training


Here are some of the benefits of in person training at Archway Systems:

  • You get a personal learning experience face-to-face with an instructor.
  • We have Bentley Institute certified instructors teaching Bentley’s course curriculum.
  • The classes are customizable to the specific needs of the people in the class.
  • Your questions are answered right away.


On Site Training


There are also benefits to onsite in person training at your facility:

  • You don’t have to travel! Leave the traveling to us!
  • You still get a personal learning experience face-to-face with a Bentley Institute certified instructor.
  • The cost is about the same when you have at least 3 or 4 students in the class!
  • You still get all the benefits of customizablity and getting your questions answered right away!


Custom Training

If you don’t see the class you were looking for or would like to hold an onsite class at your facility, please let us know. We can schedule one for you or we can create custom classes so that you are learning the specific skills you need to get your projects done. Contact us for more information on availability and pricing of custom and onsite classes. Let us set up one for you today!

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