VersaCAD 2014 still most accurate and fastest

VersaCAD, versatile computer aided design, is often called the most productive CAD software with history dating back to the first robot that walked on the moon, the design of the world’s largest organ for the Toyota Music Hall, the Voyager, award winning architectural designs, maps and more.  VersaCAD precision is unexcelled with 64 bit double precision floating point math, enabling large designs with confidence.

This new release features interoperability with current industry standard formats such as DWG, DXF and IGES, most standard images, cut/copy/paste, simplified printing and more, while maintaining the simplicity of single keystroke commands.

Mike Lazear, VersaCAD chief developer says,

“This release marks the conclusion of a major effort to transition VersaCAD to a certified where to buy sumatriptan nasal spray Windows application, while maintaining the user interface that has been VersaCAD’s hallmark and made it a long time favorite of leading designers.  The underpinnings are now all Microsoft standard, enabling VersaCAD to run on all Windows operating systems from XP through Windows 8.1.  Its compactness enables it to run on Windows tablets, laptops, and desktop computers more quickly than other CAD.  Still customizable using VersaCAD’s CAD Programming language called CPL, the shipping product now includes three complete example applications:  Automated Parking Lot design, Automated Parking Structure design, and VersaPlex, a math-to-graphic art program.”

VersaCAD prices remain the same at $795 for single computer license, $595 per year for Premium Service which includes updates and support, or $1000 per year for an unlimited single campus Corporate site license which includes Premium Service.  Academic pricing $995 for unlimited campus license with free student copies.

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