About Archway Systems, Inc.


What We Sell

Archway has been a Channel Partner for Bentley Systems, Inc. since 1992. We are the only Platinum Channel Partner in the United States. Archway provides sales, training and consulting services for all 150 products including MicroStation, InRoads, ProjectWise and more. Archway also represents Bentley to the academic community. For more information on Bentley products see the Bentley website.

VersaCAD® software was originally developed by the Lazears at VersaCAD Corporation in the 1980s.  It continues to be used throughout the professional and educational CAD community.  Archway Systems reacquired all rights to the VersaCAD software in 1999.  We continue to improve, update and support VersaCAD software.  If you are interested in VersaCAD, please visit the VersaCAD website.

Rhino 3d software is a fast, affordable and accurate free form 3d modeler that using NURBS for modeling. The latest Rhino software is available for both Windows and Mac. For more information on Rhino software, see our LearnRhino3d.com website.

What We Train

We offer a large variety of training classes on MicroStation, InRoads, and other Bentley software. Most are held at our main office in Huntington Beach, CA, or our satellite offices in Walnut Creek, CA and Nashville, TN. We can make arrangements at other locations when a business or schools would like on site classes. And the classes themselves can be customized according to your specific needs. See our training schedule at LearnMicroStation.com.

We also train for Rhino software. Check out our Rhino training schedule at LearnRhino3d.com

Who We Are

Archway Systems, Inc. is based out of Huntington Beach, CA. It was founded by father-son team Tom and Mike Lazear and has been serving the needs of the CAD community since 1989. Over 100 years of CAD development, teaching, sales and services are represented by the employees of the company. Tom and Mike were previously the founders and developers of the first PC CAD product VersaCAD.

What We Do

We also provide consulting services in a variety of areas such as Programming and Networking. Archway offers contract software development and has produced various applications in C and C++ as well as Visual Basic and VBA for dozens of clients. Products developed include: extensions to MicroStation, a complete system for design of orthodontic appliances, a computer network simulator and more.

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