Markets work in strange ways. Rarely is the very best product number one in sales at any given moment. Usually the best marketed product is number, but that is also not always the case. There are many other factors in play like who got to market first, reluctance to change even for a better product, legacy files, number of available trained personnel, and more. Revit became a leader in BIM about 10 years ago. And it is a journeyman product. But for those who want the highest productivity with the ability to make the greatest impact on building costs and sustainability, it is time to take another look at Bentley BIM with the release of AECOsim Building Designer Select Series 6. Why?
  1. Now includes, all integrated in one common interface, all disciplines and all functions, but you can use only what you need:
    1. Space planning, architectural, structural, MEP, and site
    2. Functions: design, modeling, drafting, schedules, clash detection, energy simulation, Generative Components, visualization, and animation.
  2. Capacity to handle from the smallest to the largest projects responsively (resident, office, hospital, plant)
  3. Proven by years of experience
  4. Easy to learn, especially for anyone with MicroStation experience of training.
  5. And MicroStation is taught at over 100 institutions in the US
  6. Interoperable with nearly all other CAD and BIM
  7. Ability to create and view iModels from all software
  8. Integrated Structural Modeling (ISM), so data can flow between design, analysis and detailing
  9. Runs beautifully with ProjectWise, the leading collaboration software
  10. Most economical (less than many bare CAD software)
  11. Most flexible licensing (Quarterly as needed or perpetual)
  12. Top Rated support
Building designers owe it to themselves to take a second look at AECOsim Building Designer SS6.