Need CAD but Finances tight?

Are you seeing what the other companies are seeing these days?  that is, we are told the economy is improving, but, not sure how we will make payroll next month?  We bid on a lot of jobs but very few are actually moving?   If you are a company that uses CAD and are in the same boat with the rest of us, give a thought to VersaCAD 2014.  Why consider it?   it is the most accurate, longest running, least TOC (total lifecycle cost) CAD software for the bulk of your production design drafting work.  For example, a company with one location and several CAD users pays just $1000 per year for “all the CAD they can eat”.   That is, you can install it and use it on all the office computers, the home computers and even the field. VersaCAD runs on the smallest Windows tablet, plus older laptops, your desktop and the biggest workstation in the shop.    The file footprint is so small that you can attach files to emails, or use DropBox or Spoon so your files are in the cloud for download by your customer or field.   Whatever is most convenient.  With true trust licensing, you never have to worry about “where is that Key”, or “where is the dongle”, or whether someone is watching over your shoulder.  And, to top it off, VersaCAD is still the shortest learning curve and quickest to produce work.  And, of course, it is open.  You can read the data files in XML, you can translate the files to DWG or IGES so you can “speak” to the whole CAD community.  You need 3D sometimes?  No problem, have one license of the 3D that matches your work best and one unlimited license of VersaCAD and you are set!