AECOsim Building Designer

AECOsim Building Designer is an interdisciplinary Building Information Model authoring tool for architectural, structural, mechanical systems, and electrical disciplines.

AECOsim Building Designer fully supports large, complex, distributed projects, enabling teams to deliver larger and more finely detailed projects while taking advantage of the many benefits associated with BIM. This innovative BIM application has many key features including the ability to:

  • Create the most complex buildings and constructions with unparalleled design freedom using comprehensive design tools
  • Simulate designs with direct links to analysis applications
  • Generate fully coordinated construction documentation for paper or electronic output
  • Produce photorealistic images and animations


There are many reasons why you should buy AECOsim Building Designer for your design needs. Here are just a few:

  • Interdisciplinary product, means you can look at your building as a whole with architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical all in one
  • Allows users to maintain existing 2D and 3D CAD workflows and functionality while providing advanced tools for BIM
  • Built-in clash detection and performance simulation to evaluate your designs through rendering and animation
  • Integrated project-ready to allow design and construction teams to communicate more easily over the design, eliminating miscommunications and errors.

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