MicroStation PowerDraft is used primarily by consultants and contractors to the major firms for whom MicroStation is their standard.

MicroStation PowerDraft is a CAD software explicitly designed for infrastructure projects including buildings, process plants, transit (road and rail), bridges, utilities, power plants and the like. It is MicroStation with less capabilities for faster design. It is used to prepare detail designs and drafting. Some of the key features of MicroStation PowerDraft are:

  • Priced roughly half of full MicroStation
  • Utilizes the exact same file format as MicroStation and includes all of the 2D functions found in MicroStation
  • Can produce basic 3D models while intended for the detailing and drafting function
  • Great companion to MicroStation where a few designers need full 3D and applications like InRoads, but also have a corps of detailers who can cost effectively produce their detail designs with PowerDraft.


MicroStation PowerDraft is a great product for those firms that do not need full 3D modeling or a vertical application. If that’s you, here’s some reasons why you should buy:

  • To be compatible with major owners and engineering firms.
  • To be able to handle large infrastructure projects
  • To take advantage of SELECT which offers concurrent and trust licensing as well as product updates and support
  • To be able to easily compose files from parts received in different formats, including legacy formats of other software
  • To be able to deliver finished results in any industry standard format

And Archway always has the lowest prices, with no extra charge for Archway support.


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