As BIM becomes more and more ubiquitous, the need for software to check models becomes more and more needed. Solibri seems to be one of the software products that can aid a BIM team. Solibri can be used to scan a BIM model and check compliance with a number of standards. But as someone once said, “The thing I like about standards are there are so many to choose from.” Though there should be one standard that meets all needs, that is simply not possible or the current case.

Take BIM standards for example. How many are there? US National BIM Standard. UK BIM Standard. BIM – American Institute of Architects. VA BIM Guide. GSA BIM Guide. You get the idea. Then, there are the building codes of which there are as many as states, plus ADA Standards for Accessible Design which seems to have reached across all other standards. It can be mind boggling.

Solibri does a good job of including some built-in standards, but also has a good procedure for incorporating others. The end result should be as easy to use as Clash Detection in AECOsim Building Designer. Solibri Model Checker has a ruleset manager for making customized rules for whatever standards apply. And it also has built-in accessibility checker based on ADA standards.

Solibri goes beyond just standards checking as it includes the ability to check that parts match that should match, handle revisions cleanly, check for evacuation routes and more. Input can come from any BIM software through IFC v2.0 or dwg formats.

Solibri is definitely a product to watch.